Ha Nguyen
Lead Mobile Engineer

Ha nguyen

Ha Nguyen

Lead Mobile Engineer

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Coding Since 1997

I was introduced to the world of Bits & Bytes programming at the age of 12. The first language I learned was Pascal running on a 386 Computer. The first time I made the computer say "Hello World" was astonishing to me. I then realized computer programming is an incredibly empowering skill to learn and knew that I found my passion in life.

Fast forward to CURYEAR, technology has advanced tremendously, so has my programming skill. Besides being an independent mobile app developer (Apps Porfolio), I'm currently developing complex Enterprise Solution on the web and mobile devices to meet the challenges of ever-changing technology in today's business world. I'm enjoying every minute doing it.

DIY LandLord App
Native iOS App

DIYLandLord App

Swiss Knife of Savvy Landlords

DIYLandLord app allows landlords to keep track of properties, tenants, rent payments and expenses, run reports and much more.

Technical: Core Data, MVCS Design Pattern, StoreKit API In-App Purchase, Dropbox Core API (backup & restore), Core Graphics (draw charts & PDF reports), Custom TableViews & Cells, Facebook-like navigation slide menu...


  • Lead iOS Engineer

    IBM - Apple + IBM 2015-CURYEAR
  • CEO - Founder

    Nugen Studio 2012-CURYEAR
  • Senior iOS Engineer

    Ora Interactive 2014-2015
  • Web/Mobile Engineer

    DePaul University 2011-2014


  • DePaul University, Chicago IL

    Master of Science - Information Systems 2007-2009
  • University of Canterbury, New Zealand

    Bachelor of Science 2003-2005


  • OOP & Design Patterns
  • Objective-C / Cocoa Touch / Xcode / Core Data-Location-Graphics / Blocks / Git - SVN
  • RESTful/HTTP based API / SOAP / JSON / XML
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery / Javascript / Ajax
  • C# / ASP.NET MVC WebForms / ADO.NET / LINQ / ORM / Entity Framework / SQL

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